How Did Christopher Columbus Trip To America

Words: 1845
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Columbus arrives in America; the claim in favor of Spain
After his first trip across the Atlantic, Columbus wrote a brief report on the "Islands of India beyond the Ganges." His intention was to announce his recent discoveries and obtain political and financial support for another trip. The first edition of the letter wen in public in Spanish, in Barcelona, in April of 1493. Within a month, Stephen Planck published a Latin translation in Rome. The preamble of Planck gave credit to Fernando de Aragon for supporting the expedition, but omitted any mention of Queen Isabel. Planck soon published a corrected version in which he mentioned the role of Isabel. It was this Latin edition that circulated widely and spread the news of Columbus's discoveries throughout Europe.
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Determined to expel the French from western Pennsylvania, the British had sent a force of 2,000 permanent soldiers and colonial militia under General Edward Braddock to capture Fort Duquesne, located at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, in what today It is the center of Pittsburgh. After an arduous marching through Northern Virginia and eastern Maryland, Braddock turned north toward Pennsylvania. On July 9, Braddock and a column of 1,300 men crossed the Monongahela River and began heading towards the fort, which was about ten miles (16 kilometers) downstream. A small detachment of French soldiers and several hundred indigenous allies attacked them, among them the ottawas, the Miami's, the ferrets, the Delawares, the Shawnees, and the Iroquois. The British suffered a catastrophic defeat: some 500 soldiers died, including Braddock himself, and more than 450 they got injured. Among the survivors was Colonel George Washington, Braddock's assistant and commander of the Virginia