How Did George Washington's Impact On American Society

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The provenance of the American republic is often contributed most readily, when such circumstances should arise that prompt the acknowledgement of the nation’s institution to a single individual, to former president George Washington. Admittedly, the aforementioned statement is less than remarkable when one considers that Washington is prominently featured as the nation’s inaugural president. It is natural to accredit the nation’s foundations upon the first president, when it is incumbent upon any president is to organize and perform executive functions of the state. A more historically savvy individual than myself, however, may also recognize Washington for his lesser known occupation in entrepreneurship.
Historians regard Washington as one
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Dre are from two profoundly different time periods, they both undeniably and extensively impacted American society. When George Washington was born to Augustine and Mary Washington on February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland County, Virginia, his family was already established at the lower echelon of the Virginian aristocracy. Although the elder Washington’s occupation as a land surveyor had rendered the family relatively affluent, Washington did not attend higher education due to his father’s sudden death in 1743. Of course, his misfortune did not hinder him from becoming a successful individual nevertheless. Among Washington’s numerous faculties, he was a consummate businessman who imagined a prosperous future for America based upon his entrepreneurial ideals. When Washington assumed presidency, he declared that, “building the national prosperity is my first and my only aim”(George Washington 1789). One can surmise from his statement that Washington regarded himself more as a businessman than a politician, and that finance was central to his approach in administration. Indeed, he ultimately renounced his presidency to continue the maintenance of his