Week Five Martin Luther King Jr Essay

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Martin Luther King Jr When choosing a great world leader it was really hard because I was not allowed to choose a US president so I had to think deeper into things. When I was thinking I came up with Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King was an exceptional leader of his time, his fight for civil rights movements in attempt to move people towards a world where everyone was considered the same with no regard for the color of their skin was remarkable for his generation. Martin Luther King Jr is a great example of leaders for the US. The reasons why Mr. King was a great leader and I am choosing him was because he was a firm believer in what he believed in, did not let anyone shoot him down from the beginning. Martin Luther King Jr was a great man, one whom nearly was flawless, he upheld many strengths, and one of them was that Martin Luther King was extremely exceptional at understanding the power of passive resistance. He understood and realized that if he pushed along with his movements without any conflict or violent affairs, their fight would be assured a victory, through popular view. He continued through everything to accomplish his goal through all the trials and tribulations. Being a great world leader meant he had the leadership ability to do so. Martin Luther King Jr showed his leadership abilities by many of the following being and staying persistent, having an undeterred commitment to do more for people, seeked uncharted terroritries, and was straight forward with his message. By being and staying persistent, Dr. King shows us that we can achieve even the toughest of goals despite whether you have thousands who share your vision or even more who don’t. No matter how much Dr. King achieved, he had an undeterred commitment to doing more. He didn’t stop with his nonviolent protests, he also worked to convince all people that ‘hate and hysteria’ were not the answers needed to overcome the issues we were facing all together. The ability to stay committed to a vision when at times it seems hopeless and too much of a challenge is what separates leaders such as MLK Jr. from those who talk a good game but provide no action to back their words. MLK spiritedly shared his dream, which 50 years onward transcends race, economic status and any other societal demarcations, and inspires and motivates millions beyond his original audience of 200,000 people to believe that they can emancipate themselves from whatever shackles constrain them from the life that they are equally entitled to. Martin Luther King was a transformational leader. This being said he was an