How Did The Us Invade Kuwait

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August 2, 1990 Tragi tanks crossed into Kuwait as part of the invasion that marked the start of the six-month conflict between Iraq and the U.S. The tanks were ordered by Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait. The Iraqi troops looted Kuwait businesses and brutalized the civilians. Saudi Arabia began to fear that they might get invaded as well, on August 7, 1990 former president Bush sr. was asked for assistance. The U.S. pledged to defend Saudi Arabia, and to push the Iraqis out of Kuwait. Masses of troops from all different nations deployed in the Persian Gulf. (Bowden pg.7) 4:30 PM EST January 16, 1991 Aircraft was ordered to attack the Iraqis and were launched from Saudi Arabia marking the start of the Gulf War/Operation Desert Shield /Storm. …show more content…
There had to be someone to stop them, or he would gain more power or more land, just like Hitler tried in WWII. In the case Saddam Hussein the U.S. was along with a multination coalition. (Kreisher) The U.S. had just entered a war with Iraq because of the invasion of the defenseless nation Kuwait. These actions must be repulsed. Iraq had no cause for invading Kuwait, their reasons were obscure and for their benefit. The U.S. helped Kuwait gain back their nation. (Langley pg.10)
The U.S. had the right intention of protecting Saudi Arabia from attacks and invasions from the Iraqis. The U.S. decided to fight Iraq to restore Kuwait’s government and defend Saudi Arabia. There was no reason, such as receiving better oil prices, and Kuwait in debt to the U.S., to receive favors. (Carlisle pg.15) Through the war the U.S. made clear their purpose and intent in fighting Iraq and they never strayed from