Troops and Our Freedoms Essay

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Brian Jarquin
Ms. Montooth
AP Language, Period 5
4 February 2013
Why the Troops don’t Protect Our Freedoms
Protecting a countries freedom has always been the reason or excuse of why we go to war. I believe that war is not needed to acquire or protect a countries freedom. This may be because of all the hardships war brings to a country while it’s in war and after the war is over.
These people say that we need to go to war because we have to show the rest of the world that we will not stand by and see our freedoms deteriorate in front of our eyes. This was one of the ways that the article of Sara Lesley from the LA Times makes many feel. She implies how in her topic Israel is fighting to be a Jewish state. This can be used by many to demonstrate how a country needs to go to war to let them have their freedom of being a Jewish state. But, then others will argue that we cannot just go to war that there are other ways of solving the problem like making a peace treaty or just getting a compromise between the two countries. They say this is not realizing how many people have died in the bombardment of Gaza into Israel. They don’t see how a peace treaty or compromise cannot happen between the two; the only solution is to finish the fight by beating their enemy and gaining their freedom to be a Jewish state.
Another example of a country needing to go to go to war to get their freedom instead of making a peace treaty or compromise between the two is when the author of “Peace Talks with the Taliban” in the new York times, says that peace with the Taliban will be a very hard agreement to get. He also acknowledges how the United States has tried to come in agreement with the Taliban but, they want to exchange a big thing for a small thing. For example, they wanted to exchange five of their leaders which were in quantum bay, for just one of our imprisoned soldier. This shows us how again a peace treaty is not able to come about and stop the fighting. And that you need to show aggression and apply aggression to get the results you want, in this case, freeing a soldier they have captured. Many argue that way will cause more and more deaths added up to the casualties we are suffering at home due to accidents, and suicides. But they don’t see that if we get a peace treaty with them we will have to give them something they want, like a dangerous prisoner or something they need and I return will affect us dangerously.
Many believe that the troops are here to protect our freedoms and make us safer, but there are the ones that don’t like Mr. Hornberger. Jacob G. Hornberger of tells us about how our troops don’t defend our freedoms like many “us officials say and is echoed far and wide across the land by television commentators, newspaper columnists, public-school teachers, and many others” (Hornberger) claim. He claims that they do the exact opposite, which is “serve as the primary instrument by which both our freedoms and well-being are threatened”( Hornberger) He tells us how he believes that our troops are being used, and that their are many threats to our freedom and the roles that the troops play in them, for example, no nation can invade us due to the military power that we have since, in Iraq, we couldn’t conquer it due to “the level of domestic resistance to a foreign invasion.”(Hornberger). Now in our country we have the most powerful military capability so we are practically invadeable sort of speak. So now according to this information, you can see how he shows us that we do not need the troops for this nonexistent threat.
Another reason we go to war is because of the Officials that run the government and our troops make us go to war for there reasons. An example of this is found when Mr. Hornberger gives us the information on how the media, high official, etc. say we need our troops due to terrorism but in fact terrorism isn’t as harmful and scary as the media makes it look. Terrorism is a big thing we need…