Essay on How Do Communities Function

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How Do Communities Function: A community is established when more than two people share the same values. Through time this personal connection evolves into a fellowship governed by rituals, traditions, and a particular form of communication that when taken together makes a group of individuals whether living in a specific geographical area or connected by ideals so distinct that their distinguishing marks allow them to stand out from among the crowd. Community, can be defined as a group of people within a small area (generally smaller than a city or town), who share common social ties or have common social goals, and who have interaction among each other; people who can live in a relationship of mutual interdependence. When …show more content…
First, it provides them a sense of identity, not only who they are as of the present but also helps them to trace their origins and the reason for their existence. Second it gives them strength to acquire what they need to survive. And third, it gives them the reason to continue on living and to perpetuate their community until the end of time. It has to be pointed out that the foundation of this community is religion. The Amish are Bible believing Christians but they differ from other Christian brethren in the way they view the natural world. Whereas Christians of the 21st century had adapted to the modern world, with its most important feature, technology and how it speeds up the way people consume resources and accumulate wealth. The Amish on the other hand prefers to live life as if they were still in Medieval Europe which by the way is where they can trace their origins. This comprises a major part of their identity. According to sociologists who took time to understand their peculiar ways the Amish people reject modern devices and this includes tractors and automobiles (Schwieder & Morain,37). They also commune not only by gathering every Sunday to worship but every time there is need of