How Great Companies Think Differently Essay

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Strategic Management
How Great Companies Think Differently

Making money has long been the ultimate aim of a business. This capitalism vision has influenced the majority of corporations limit their goals in generating the highest profits and returns to owners, regardless the health and safety of employees, the environment, and general public. An institutional logic, therefore, has been raised by professor of Harvard Business School-Kanter. Unlike traditional practices, this logic addressed a successful company is a vehicle for enhancing societal welfares, rather than only a machine to make money. Not only can most well-established companies distribute sound returns to shareholders, but also build long-lasting institutions. In
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Extending the corporate social responsibility in a creative way can explore new business opportunities. There is annual Employee Volunteering Month in Standard Chartered to encourage the staff in taking part in any kind of volunteering services, such as drum event with special educational needs students at Shatin Public School. The interaction of corporate individuals with society can further institution-building goals by the way of expressing corporate values and producing valuable learning.
By devolving authority and responsibility to employees, an institution can benefit from self-discipline of employees their own. When the jobs are controlled by themselves, employees are more willing to devote their greatest efforts to the company. As a result, the corporate can also gain from some fresh ideas and maximum fulfillment of employees.
To conclude, this article is worth for reading that it proposed building an enduring institution, rather than a short-sighted profit-making machine. Success is accumulated from every drop of human effort. Laying the groundwork of social responsibility can reciprocally develop a sustained corporation.
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