How The Industrial Revolution In England And Its Consequences For British Society

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Midterm Study guide
Mod 1:
Explain how the Industrial Revolution began in England and its consequences for British society. * The IR began in England because during the 18th century improvements in agriculture led to significant increase in food production. Fed more people at lower prices and less labor. Families didn’t have to use all income to buy food, they could purchase manufactured goods. Rapidly growing population provided more workers for the new factories in Britain’s industrial sector.

* Increase in national wealth (brit’s had more money to invest in new industrial machinery)

* Effective central banking system and credit facilities

* Britain was rich in mineral resources ( coal and iron ore)

* Small country, short distances to travel made transport facilities accessible. They constructed bridges and roads and canals

* Foreign markets gave Brit’s outlet for their goods

Consequences of the IR on British society

* Rapid population growth led to overcrowding * Increasing public health problems * Created cheap housing for working class that didn’t meet their needs * Created social structure upper class (wealthy elite,), middle class ( lawyers, medicine, merchants), working class ( peasants, farmers, sharecroppers, laborers)

Nationalism on the shaping of the modern world

* Nationalism is being part of a community that has common interest such as traditions, language, and customs. * Common people became more involved in political affairs. * The ideology of nationalism gave ppl a sense of pride in the country. possibly may be the reason for wwi and wwii

Explain the impact of western colonialism on the peoples of Africa and Asia * In the social and cultural spheres the colonial and imperialist rule produced serious consequences. In the first place it adversely affected the religions of the local people because the local people were encouraged by the Western Missionaries to embrace Christianity by offering them certain material benefits. As a result soon Christianity became a thriving religion in many Asian and African countries.

* In the economic sphere impact also the western imperialism had a mixed impact. On the positive side it led to development of industries in Asia and Africa. The various imperialist powers set up industries in their colonies to make profits and thus paved the way for the industrialization of the colonies. The colonial powers established long lines of railways, built banking houses etc. in the colonies to fully exploit their resources. They also set up certain industries in these colonies to make quick profits and fully exploited the resources available there.

Mod 2

Causes of WWI:

* Started with the triple alliance of Germany, Austria, and Italy. Germany was fearful of an alliance between France and Russia. * Bosnian crisis in which Austria