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Tommy Treiber
Art Appreciation
How To Be Happy This film was released for screening July 14th 2013. It was produced in Ireland, and is an Irish film. There are three co-directors of this film. They are Michael Rob Costine, Mark Gaster, and Brian O'Neill. There is only one writer of this film, and his name is Conor Horgan. Main characters in this film were Cormac, Al, Flor, Jenny, Larry, and Barbara. Cormac is the marriage counselor who is still trying to get over his ex-wife, Jenny. Al works with Cormac and is having a rough marriage. He tries to get Jenny to get back with Cormac and Cormac sees them together and thinks Al is trying to stab him in the back. Flor is an undercover investigator whose job is to try and tempt men into being adulterous with her and film it. Barbara is a women who is having marriage problems with her husband and wants a divorce. She sleeps with Cormac and films it. She told him he can convince her husband to divorce her or she will show her husband the film. Larry is her husband and he is a dangerous character. A summary of this film is that it is about a marriage counselor getting over a bad break up with his ex-wife. He sleeps with his clients throughout the film in an effort to pursue love and happiness, and does not find that. He gets himself in some trouble and cannot seem to get over his ex-wife. Cormac deals with a lot of bad relationships during this film and they all are for different reasons. There is a company in the movie that spies on partners whose spouse is suspecting them cheating. One of the workers for this company is Flor, who finds herself falling for the main character, Cormac. She realizes that he has slept with multiple women and tries to distances herself from him. After getting over that she decides to be with Cormac in the end. The climax of this movie is when Cormac sleeps with Barbara and she gets it on film. She wants to get a divorce with her husband and he does not want a divorce. He is a dangerous character who threatens to basically murder Cormac if he cannot keep them together by a certain date. Cormac finds himself in a real dilemma here, and is extremely troubled and doesn't know what to do. Cormac and Flor are beginning to have feelings towards one another at this point and Flor offers to help him out. She does what she is used to doing, her job. She finds Larry at a bar and tempts him into coming back to her hotel room where she