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Johnny Bananas Enc1102
"How To Date" Black girls take them to Wendy's, White girls definitely take them to Flemings, and "Halfies" to Olive Garden. At least in the eyes of Yunior from the short story "How To Date" written by Yunot Diaz. Depending on the Women's race is how men will treat them. When I read this story I feel that men have their own "Rulebook". This "Rulebook" states how men should treat woman they are dating. With each different race of women the treatment they receive varies. However men aren't the only problem, women are as well when they accept how they are being treated. Both men and women are wrong when it comes down to situations like the ones in the short story "How To Date", I believe that when men stereotype women it is very disrespectful, while women degrade themselves by allowing men to stereotype. Lastly, I believe it should be changed, Stereotyping should stop being something that is okay. Yunot, has made it a main focus to stereotype women in his short story “How to date”. As a woman living in this generation I find it very disrespectful that men don’t treat each race of girls equally. According to Yunior from the short story, when you are taking a black girl out and she is not a “rich” black girl you take her out to Wendy's, but when you are taking a white girl out on a date you take her out to a keen restaurant why? I think it is because of the stereotype each race has been labeled. Men find that it is okay to give into these women’s stereotype. Although the men play a huge role in this stereotyping dilemma, women do as well. In addition, women also play a huge role in their own labels and stereotypes. One of the main reasons why men think it's okay to stereotype women is because most women accept how they are being treated and don’t stand up and say something. For example, Yunior from “How to date” will take a black girl to Wendy's instead of a keen restaurant like he would if he was dating a white girl. The only reason this happens is because black women allow men to degrade them and disrespect them. Instead of saying “I’m worth more than a date to Wendy’s” they allow men to continue this stereotyping. To continue, I believe that as a women living in this generation