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How to Juggle Your Education, Family and Work Life
Time is known to be an extremely precious item especially when trying to balance education, work and family life. Whether you are trying to pass your examinations, taking some extra courses or taking a part time job, it can become exceptionally hard to create time for your family, friends and even sporting activities. It is well known that the three elements, which many teens hold dear in their life, are their social life, school and sports. You should try to come up with ways of balancing these three things so as to live a harmonious life. You will find that while trying to commit yourself to sport, the rest of your life runs smoothly. Nowadays, in order to be part of high school sports team, you will have to give your all. This means that you will have to attend practice which may tend to be quite tiring. The problem comes about when you have examinations the same week, and you have to study at the same time. You must not forget that homework is constantly being issued in every class work at most nights. It is essential for you to know how to make your priorities right and if you decide to keep all the activities, you will have to establish a plan to manage all of them.
Mentally, you must be ready to accept that if you are willing to keep all these activities at a balance, you will have to work extremely hard. This means that you will have to study hard to ensure your grades are good. This is because poor grades will force the coach to eject you out of the team. This will entail visiting the library whenever you have free time and waking up early in the morning to study. To achieve all these, you will have to be mentally healthy. You must ensure that you are on a proper diet and avoid things that might give you stress. You will have to write down a schedule of how you are utilizing your time not forgetting the weekends. This will enable you make a list of your priorities and how to accomplish them. Planning all your activities, will enable you save time which will then be used to work more on the priorities. This will involve limiting time spent on watching television, talking on the phone and playing video games. This saved time can be used to peruse through reading materials or even begin assignments. By doing this, you will find yourself ahead of your class in terms of homework and essential topics. It is essential to exercise so as to keep your physical and mental health in check. This will help you increase your mental alertness while at the same time improve your attitude. This will enable you participate in your sport at an optimum level. It is imperative to look for help whenever possible. This will help you save on time that might be used to look for answers. This will require having a social life and also being in good terms with your teachers and family. In order to juggle all these activities, you must have a positive attitude towards everything around you. This will involve focusing on the