personal responsibility Essay

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Personal responsibility means to me is being accountable for your own actions in life. Being a responsible person shows you are also a reliable person. Both of these two go hand in hand, meaning with out one you can not be without the other. Personal responsibility issues throughout your entire day it starts from the time you awake in the morning until the time you go to bed and are a sleep. For example when we wake up in the morning we have a choice to do our hair or not.

With that in mind let us explore the personal responsibility and college success . With personal responsibility and college success both of these have similarities in each other. College success is possible with proper study time techniques and time management. Personal responsibility goes with the study time management because you as the person have to set some time away so that you are able to study and be successful in college as well in the class. A major part of personal responsibility is your every day life which consistent of time management because it helps you to succeed in college. Most college students come in from either high school or from being out of school from a long period of time. With both of these two will vary in time management because one has to juggle with family and the other having to much of free time. If you do not stay on track will find themselves in not succeeding in the college process. Personal responsibility is to manage your time correctly. In doing so one can be very successful in college. We as individuals have a choice to take