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This is where you start your paper. It is called the Introduction. The introduction introduces the topic of your paper to the reader. This is where you present your thesis. Your thesis tells the reader what you think or how you feel about a topic. You must support your thesis with examples. An example of this: “Using Public Transportation is more economical, environmentally friendly and socially conscientious than owning a car.” In the introduction, you enumerate the things you will talk about in your paper to support your thesis. In the example provided above, the author tells us that s/he will examine the economic, ecological and social advantages of using Public Transportation over owning a car. It is best to be simple and straightforward when you present your topic and supporting evidence.
Your first paragraph examines your first piece of supporting evidence. In the example above, the writer begins here by talking about the economic advantages of using Public Transportation. When you present your argument (your thesis) you must provide hard evidence. You must provide citations (quotes) and sources from your readings. There are many different formats for presenting source materials. However, in this class you will always use APA format. When you use someone else’s words directly, you must quote them. Example: The Director of Public Transportation of the city of Aberdeen, WA, James McBean notes that economically speaking Public Transportation makes more sense than owning a car. “Public Transportation provides the public with a top-rate service at half the price of owning a car.” After the quote, you must write the name of the author of the book or article, followed by the date of publication (Stein, 2012). This lets the reader know that you have researched the topic. It also supports your thesis.
The second paragraph begins here. The writer presents evidence that supports the argument that Public Transportation is environmentally friendly. Again, you will want to present sources to notify the reader that you have thoroughly researched your topic and your thesis is solid.
Your third paragraph addresses the third point in your argument. Again, you must provide convincing sources in support of your thesis. The last paragraph of your paper is in many ways the most important. It is not only a summary of everything that you have presented, but also a