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How To Talk to People You Know

Sharing the Products
Sharing the Dream

There are many other ways to “break the ice” to talk about Herbalife. Here are some of the Herbalife sales tools that can help you make a professional approach to people you know.

WEAR your button and PROMOTE! accessories. RUN THROUGH your Presentation Book or the Presentation section from your Success Builder Manual. LEND them the Success Starter video to watch. LEAVE THEM the "Design Your Life" DVD. INVITE THEM to an Herbalife Opportunity Meeting. SHOW THEM the Product Brochure and Work From Home Brochure. INVITE THEM to an in-home product demonstration party. LEND THEM the Personalize Your Program video to watch. INVITE THEM to a training broadcast or telephone conference call.

How To Talk to People You Know

“I’ve started this wonderful weight-loss program—it’s so simple and easy.” This will arouse curiosity for more information.

“I’ve just found the most incredible line of health products, and I’m getting such good results that I want to share these products with you.” Then tell them your results story, or use a story borrowed from your Sponsor or Herbalife literature.

“I’m starting a new business and I wonder if you can help me?” What friend could resist an invitation to help?

“I’ve just started a brand new business and I’d like your opinion on it.” Good friends will be glad you thought of them first.

"Do you know anyone wanting to earn $500-$1,500 a month part time, without affecting what they’re doing now?.” This is a surefire conversation starter. Follow by giving them an income-results story—borrowed from your Sponsor, your