How i overcame a circumstance Essay

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I spent most of my life wondering how to live a purpose- driven life in abundance. Evidently, in my high school years, I did not gain respect from others simply because I was not smart enough. During those times, I felt desperate to find a way of this meaningless life. It was inevitable. I was alone by myself with the imprudent thoughts about where my life would proceed as I continue to grow up with no sense of purpose of entity. It left me pondering from day to day how to pursue a brighter future.
The feeling of disappointment and upset cannot describe how frustrated ,I was as my grades plummeted in the first semester of my junior year because my parents wanted to divorce, I was scared to think how life would be as I continue to lose focus in school. However, my thoughts were changed the day I watched a video about motivation by Eric Thomas. Eric Thomas was an African American who looked fifty and who stood firmly ready to make a speech. He had a prideful tone that was a mark with some life changing words as he began to enunciate,’ When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath then you will be successful". His energy and passion channeled my mind to think positively and to revitalize my life. I was serious! At that moment .I felt that there was still potential in me and I had wasted away by not working hard to overcome hardships, not only in school but also in daily life. His speech helps me to grow internally and is a key to my success. It gives me some hope and for that reason, I was able to stand up with dignity and advance towards a better life. For the rest of my junior year I strived…