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Book Club Meeting 1: Analyzer
1. My first task for this book club meeting was to create a title for the section my peers and I accorded to read.
I decided to name the section “A Haunting Past”. I chose this name because in this section of the book, the story is mainly focused on the past. During this section, the story is slowly revealed as former Crimebusters start talking about their pasts and the reasons why they decided to become costumed vigilantes; most of which are still tormented by the past. I think this title really fits into this section of the story because another big focus on the story is who is responsible for the series of tragic events that are occurring, like the death of the comedian and the exile of Dr. Manhattan. Rorschach, a former Crimebuster decides to investigate on his own, but the only way he will find who is behind all this is by following hints from the past; a past that threatens to attack and bring a final resolution to the story. 2. My second task was to create a timeline of major events in this section of the book:

October, 11, 1985: * Eward Morgan Blake “The Comedian” is killed
October, 12, 1985: * Rorschach starts investigating The Comedian’s death

October, 16, 1985: * Dr. Manhattan, Adrian Veidt, Dan Dreiberg and Edgar William Jacobi attend The Comedian’s funeral

October, 19, 1985: * After an argument, Laurie Juspeczyk leaves Dr. Manhattan. * Dr. Manhattan gives a televised interview on the ABC network. Doug Roth, a reporter from Nova Express, accuses Osterman of causing cancer in his loved ones.

October, 20, 1985: * Dr Manhattan Leaves Earth * Russians invade Afghanistan.
October, 21, 1985: * Rorschach is lured to Jacobi's apartment, where he is cornered by the police and arrested. 3. Most important events:
The comedian’s funeral
Dr Manhattan leaves earth
Russians invade Afghanistan

4. My fourth task was to pick 3 quotations, one focused on the element of character, one on the element of theme and one on the element of conflict; all from my three most important events.

* “Blake is interesting. I have never met someone so deliberately amoral. As I come to understand