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My international disease will be the most common that has been around for a while AIDS. AIDS started when some monkeys in africa had a disease (SIV) like AIDS. It was passed to humans when they killed and ate the monkeys for food. It was than passed on from human to human through sexual intercourse and sharing of contaminated needles. AIDS is getting caused now by two guys having sexual intercourse. And open wounds that get cross contaminated with someone elses blood can also give you this disease. There are multiple ways to prevent spreading. Aids is something that can kill you but coming up with a medicine or pill that insurance would pay for could help prevent spreading all around. When giving notice to public about AIDS spreading people would be more cautious on sexual activitys. There are not very many ways to get rid of AIDS do to spread all over the world. But we can decrease a great amount if not come close to eliminating this disease by having every person tested. Having every person tested can give a great chance of curing them before it gets worst. AIDS has taken over 22 million lives, being said 17.5 are adults and 4.5 are children under the age 15. Another way to diminish AIDS is to have a less pressured, scared way of buying protection. Kids are scared to walk into a store with people and buy protection so they dont use any cause diseases. Adults have to use safer ways of sex as well making sure your partner is tested