Human and Fairness Essay example

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ad English 1180 March 17 2013 Fairness the state condition or quality of being fair or free from bias or injustice; evenhandedness. Here are three different ideas of what I mean by fairness there is, equality where every thing is equal, deservents you get what you deserve and last but mot least, need if you have more to give you should give it to people who are less fortunate. There are many different types of fairness and different ways to give it and discipline it.
Equality: There is the fairness where everything is equal. So everyone pays the same price for a bottle of pop, whether a child, an adult or a senior citizen. No one has more privileges then someone else. Everyone or no one, for example a bug and an human will receive the same amount of food. It doesn’t matter that the human needs more food. Fairness is finding the average of food that something needs and giving it to them This is fairness.
Deaervents: fairness you get what you deserve. If you work hard, you succeed good things come to you. Kind of like karma and dharma, dharma is what you do karma is how your rewarded for it . For instance people the harder working, and most talented should have more because of their attributes; for the lazy people who never worked a day in their life should have less. Fairness is a rational calculation of what you do is what you receive. Need:…