Human Behavior in Organizations Essay

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Human Behavior in Organizations

History of Generations/Gaither Inc.
Generations/Gaither Inc. is a Mental Health care facility that was founded by David H. Gaither in 1999.This organizations was originally developed as a health care ministry that quickly turned corporate. The people involved in this organization are educated, motivated, and experienced in the management and marketing of health care facilities. Each has a firm philosophy based upon Christian Principles. The creed for Generations is based on a biblical scripture and this creed is carried out by management in all areas of the state. Services offered/Organizational Culture
Generations/Gaither's, facilities are the sub-acute and long-term components of the organization. They are committed to continually developing the resources and structure to provide quality cost-effective health care services needed by the individuals, families and community’s served. This commitment follows the Christian principle to respond to the ministry of care to all mankind in the restorative and holistic approach of health management to promote wellness of body, mind and spirit. There are four tenets that govern the philosophy of their mission and goals
Generations believes that each person is created in the image of God. Therefore, within the scope of their professional capabilities, they vow to serve people without regard to race, religion, sex, physical or mental condition. They feel they have an obligation to recognize medical-ethical issues from a Christian perspective and assist individuals and professionals in their resolution of them. Their concern for the persons and their families extends beyond the clients served and includes employees, volunteers and the community at large. They do this by maintaining a high level of commitment. A commitment to organize and direct resources, to provide quality, cost-effective and efficient health care services in an economically viable organization. Generations/Gaither's facilities are dedicated to being the leader in health care services in every community in which it has a center. Thus, it seeks to carry out the mission it has set in this operating philosophy. Employees /Managers
Generation facilities are housing for the mentally unstable. Typical clients suffer from cases of schizophrenia, bi polar, and other personality disorders. Employees must be kind, patient, and mentally sound. Upon hiring all employees must pass a criminal background check as well as an interview with the psychiatrist. Generations takes its hiring process very seriously. They do not want to hire a flight risk as it is mandatory that you have the mental composer to keep calm in stressful or dangerous situations. Managers at generations are appointed usually by means of promotion. Generations has at around fifteen employees per facility so being well network in the company and knowing the right bosses is what will benefit you in getting promoted. A bit untraditional and old school but that is just how they operate. Chain of Command/ Organizational Structure
Anytime there is an issue and you need to get something resolved, generations makes it mandatory to follow chain of command. From top to bottom this is the chain of command: Chairman of the Board/CEO, Corporate Secretary, President/CFO, VP of Operations. Human Resources Director, House Director, Office Managers, Activity Directors. If you have not followed command properly you will be redirected to do so.
The organizational structure is a little complicated, as is anything when it comes to healthcare. The main service that is provided is the residential; this is the pit of the organizational structure. The residential assistance, assist the severely mentally ill population and individuals with dual diagnosis in securing adequate housing