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Jaramillo 1 Danny Jaramillo Benjamin Leider Philosophy 1 17 October 2012 Writing Assignment #1
Human freedom can be seen as an individual’s way of making productive decisions that affects him/her in a positive or negative manner. If a person decides to buy a car, that person has many options to choose from but only picks one. However, God being omniscient knows what that decision is going to be therefore making that person’s choice a foreseeable action. That person might not find his/her decision to have been made by the action of free will because knowing that God has infinite knowledge will determine that no action can be made freely.
Being able to predict ones actions will make a person believe they do not have free will, however that is not the case because it is based off free knowledge. If an individual’s friend invites him over to eat and asks him whether he would prefer a bowl of soup or carne asada, it would instantly occur in his mind that his friend would choose the carne asada plate because in previous situations he has done the same thing. David Cohen’s argument with Gretchen Weirob makes is accurate because since they have been friends over a long period of time, it is reasonable for him to predict what she likes and dislikes because of past experiences.
Weirob picked the T-bone steak because she desired it not because God or anyone else picked it for her. Weirob agrees that Cohen’s argument is accurate but disagrees that Sam is not being consistent because of his statement saying that she is free but at the same time that
Jaramillo 2 someone knows what her actions are going to be,