Philosophy of Education Paper

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Education Philosophy Position Final Paper
Michele A. Williams
2012 Educ. 305-D04 LUO
As postmodern educators feel their way through an ever changing multicultural classroom environment, it is imperative that each hold firmly to their philosophical positions and do not let society influence them in a negative way. At the same time all teachers should be continually reflecting inwardly to make oneself accountable to their profession.
Teachers have a great responsibility to see that every child in their care receive and education based on truth. This only can be achieved by understanding that absolute truth exists. There is a great debate in this country as to whether absolute truth exists. To make that statement that there is no
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Truth must be apprehended by every part of the person, or every faculty of our being, that means that truth, must be perceived, comprehended, and applied in each area of study. As the truth is apprehended by the mind, the spirit, the heart, and the body, the whole person is conformed to the image of Christ, seeing him as he is and, invariably, becoming more like him (Jamieson). The education process should transfer knowledge from the teacher to the student that results in obedience to God’s Word.
What a person believes about truth is extremely important. It can have a profound impact on how they view what truth is. For example in a postmodern classroom the belief is that it is not possible to separate what a person believes from who they are since the act of believing makes it true (for the person who believes). Truth now means personal preference and personal empowerment (Cohen, 1999). The absence of believing in absolute truth is positively dangerous. If absolute truth does not matter, then we may be persuaded to do things with great personal, societal, and eternal implications. What a person believes about truth may determine the question of what is right and wrong (Cohen, 1999). Many still believe that truth is absolute, while others disagree saying that truth is relative, meaning truth is something that everyone believes to be correct. Thus, it greatly depends on what’s true in the minds of the people. This later