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Biology Wonders of God’s creation- Human life: Crown of creation The human body is a complex structure that involves mathematical and scientific
___________. Starting from conception, the embryonic cell becomes to form. Once it forms, it attaches to the womb and the baby begins to form. The 1st month the fetus’ entire physical attributes are chosen (eye color, gender, skin color). At the end if fist month the baby is around
2mm long and the early stages of development. The 2nd month, the heart, neural tube, arms and legs, liver and other organs form. The placenta begins to form, the eyes, mouth, ears, bones are forming. The 3rd month, the baby can have a ultrasound which means you will be able to see the arms and legs moving. The organs are finally done developing at the third month. The 4th month, hair and teeth begin form, the baby will start move. The 5th month, eyelashes and eyebrows hair starts to grow. BY the 6th month, the immune system is developing and the baby I creating its own antibodies, lungs develop and starts to look like person. The 7th month, the baby is able to open its eyes and is able to cry, the baby is active, the baby is fully developed. The 8th month, the baby is almost always sleeping , still very active. Lastly during the 9th, the baby is preparing for birth.

Once the baby has been out, the baby will triple in size. Also the skin every 2-4 week, and the skeletal system will renew every 12 months. However bones will renew 10- 20 years to replace calcium in the bones. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the few people of the Renaissance to