Human Resource Management and Landslide Limousine Essay

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Performance Management Plan
Bryan Channell
April 13, 2015
Olia Bartley

Performance Management Plan Atwood and Allen Consulting has completed a review of Landslide Limousine service in Austin, Texas, focusing on areas in need of support where Atwood and Allen consulting can play an integral role in offering proper guidance. Our focus this week is developing and presenting suggestions on implementing a performance management process which will serve as a basic framework for Bradley Stonefield to evaluate the performance of his employees as it relates to their particular roles within the organization. With the organizational philosophy in consideration, and the skills necessary for employees to make the organization a successful venture, the performance management framework is a critical element to develop the one unique aspect which will separate Landslide Limousine from other similar services in the Austin, TX market, the employees and the unique skill sets and knowledge they possess which differentiates Landslide Limousine from competitors. To begin, we must first determine the appropriate performance evaluation process to pair with Landslide Limousine’s organizational philosophy. Atwood and Allen consulting recommends the use of a behavioral checklist performance management system. This behavior-orientated system is easy to implement and use, creates clear linkage between job analysis and performance appraisal, allows numerical ratings and supports comparisons between employees (Cascio, 2013). The negative aspect of this system is the potential that raters using the system could interpret performance categories differently. The benefits of this system, particularly ease of use and deployment, along with establishing a relationship between job duties and performance appraisal, outweighs the negative aspect of different interpretations which we believe can be addressed through effective coaching for raters on the application of each performance category. Standardizing the categories will support the work of raters as they evaluate and document employee performance as it relates to their particular job function. The numerical rating potential of this system along with facilitation of comparison across multiple employees will allow Landslide Limousine to reward top tier performers accordingly, while identifying the lower 10% of the workforce for coaching to improve employee performance or replacement as part of the planned employee turnover rate. Landslide Limousine is a retail service which is completely attached to customer satisfaction, making customer service excellence their core business strategy. For example, the company provides the service of chauffeuring customers from a pickup point through their final destination. During this exchange, it is important to meet the expectations of the customer related to on-time pickup; cleanliness of passenger compartment; driver knowledge as related to geography, traffic patterns, and services; on-time drop-off, completion of route aligned with requirements of customer; and the overall demeanor and appearance of the driver as a compliment to the premium service offered by Landslide Limousine. Each of these aspects are identified as key performance indicators likely to identify customer satisfaction, which we believe will play have a critical influence on the success of Landslide Limousine through return customers, and growth with new customers through positive reviews from past customers shared via word of mouth, social media, and survey results which will serve as the foundation of future marketing efforts. A job analysis will be conducted for Landslide Limousine, providing a baseline of expectations which will facilitate job requirements and performance standards that allow for linkage between employee performance and requirements. After reviewing established analysis methods available to Atwood and Allen Consulting, our official recommendation is to