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Seventeen year-old Kim is the pride and joy of her father Bryan Mills. Kim manages to convince her father to allow her to travel to Paris with her friend Amanda. When the girls arrive in France they end up sharing a cab with a stranger named Peter, and Amanda informs him that there along not knowing that Peter works for an Albanian human trafficking ganging. Peter asks to show the girls around town at night? With delight the girls accept this offer and run off to their hotel room to get ready for and unforgettable night. As they were getting ready, Kim and her friend are kidnapped from their by an Albanian gang running a slavery-prostitution ring. As soon as Bryan finds out he rushes to France to save her, but only if he can Find Her. This is the plot summary of a movie call “Taken”, This movie showed all its viewers the underworld crime called Human Trafficking. Many believe Human Trafficking, also known as slavery does not excite, or only excites in third world countries. Some believe that it is out their but in very low numbers, and other just don’t care about it to do anything. These ideas are all wrong; Human Trafficking is rapidly growing each day. It’s not only in those third world countries anymore, but in countries as big as the USA. People being trapped in live of misery often beaten, starved, and forced to work as prostitutes or to take grueling jobs as migrant, domestic, restaurant, or factory workers with little or no pay. Looking at statistics, the argument of human trafficking only being in third world countries is extremely false. Statistics shows us that it rarely happens in there world countries, going down all the way to 5th tile percent.

Human Trafficking occurs most in the countries of Holland, CechRepublic, Ukraine and USA. The differences between these 4 countries are in Holland, CechRepublic and Ukraine Human Trafficking is known and looked upon very openly. That girls standing behind windows and get sold in the public to the public. Not that its legal there to do so but the police act like it’s not happening and just allow. In The USA Human Trafficking is frowned upon and kept very down low that not a lot of people know how much of it goes on. Reality is that each year about 17,500 individuals are brought in to the USA and held against their will as victims of human trafficking. Some experts argue this number and say it goes up to as high as 60,000 individuals. According to statistics there are more slavers in modern times then there ever was.

Victims of sex trafficking can be women or men, girls or boys, but the majority, at more than 80% of the victims, are women and girls. There is no actual type of person that is trafficked; they can be rich or poor, men or women, adults or