Human Trafficking: A Transnational Crime

Words: 2012
Pages: 9

Human trafficking as we know happens every day. It is a transnational crime because the people who smuggle them are often using people in the international network. These people from the network actually profit from helping with these activities. It has got so bad that now people in the drug cartels have go into this business. They do so by exploiting illegal immigrants in. They even make the illegal immigrants pay a fee. Just to get in to the United States. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?
Between the years of 2008 and 2010 there were funded studies. There were over 2,000 cases investigated about trafficking. Most of the cases were found to be true. Nearly 80 percent of them came out to be sex trafficking. Less than half were found to be prostitution
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Males seem to get trafficked into hard labor work, drug trade, and crime. As far as females go though, they are forced into domestic work and sex trade. Reports say that pimps look for children that may be just at a bus stop, or malls, and look like a run away. They look for children that look as if they are job less, and have no money. Traffickers tend to use financial, emotional, drugs, and also force talks to get you. So unless you are guarded all the time, someone can get you at any moment. They use things such as find a runaway. Use gang members and forcefully gang rape them. Then the traffickers use the excuse saying that he rescued them. Then they will say something like the victim now needs to repay him by being his prostitute. At this point now the pimp will through his charm on her to gain all the trust and loyalty he can. He may do so by buying her things such as gifts and saying nice things to her. There are plenty of risk factors for trafficking. It could be because of your age. They try to get you young because you don’t know any better. They sweet talk you in. At this age you are rebellious towards what people tell you to do. Someone comes along and offers you a dream. Who knows, someone not knowledgeable may take it. The second risk would be poverty. Traffickers actually go to places that have less money. They do so because if your child gets taking, who are you going to call? Its not like you can pay someone to find them. The best you can do is call the police and hope they can find your child. Though the place is in poverty, they may not have the money to search for your child. The police have to be getting paid and they have to have the resources to even look for a missing child. So if someone comes by and offers you a better life, you may take it. The third risk, is sexual abuse. If you are getting sexually abused at home you may look for any way out of it.