If I Become A Celebrity

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If I became a celebrity, I will do many things for my beloved country. First of all, I will make my country become well-known. I will let the world know the location of Malaysia. I will also introduce the Malaysian’s culture, traditional and lifestyle to the world. The second things I will do for Malaysia is I will promote Malaysia to the world. I want Malaysia become one of the destination for tourists to visit .Therefore, Malaysia economy will increased due to the advent of tourists. Another things I will do for Malaysia is I will use my money to help people in need such as the poor and the orphans. I will donate my money to them so their lives will be better. I will also help the disadvantages people as a result of natural disaster such as earthquakes and floods in Malaysia. I will provide them with food, clothes and temporary shelter to make sure they are not hungry and cool. In addition, I will help the country by improving the public facilities such as LRT improvement. This is for the convenience of the people. If I become a celebrity, I will set an example to others as what is done by Angelina Jolie that had shown the value of love to the world by taking the child regardless of race. I want Malaysians to practice good values. By that I should show the good values to the community. Another things I will do for Malaysia is I will invite the public to loving the environment. I will do a lot of campaigns on the environment such as…