Illegal Immigration Outline

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I. Introduction
A. Exordium
1. No issue in any immigration policy kindles more dispute than the issue of illegal immigration.
2. Public focuses on the subject of illegal immigration, but does not yield greater understanding of illegal immigration
3. Many Americans become more confused than enlightened
4. Jason Riley: senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a member of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal
(1) points out that crimes committed by illegal immigrants draws more attention in the media than other similar or even worse crimes committed by other citizens.
5. Undocumented immigrants= growing fraction of the U.S. population. (Transition: it is helpful to examine the history of illegal immigration.)
B. Narratio
1. Source:
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1. Undocumented immigrants should be granted permission to acquire social services.
II. Confirmatio
A. Undocumented immigrants make beneficial contributions to the U.S. community.
1. Undocumented immigrants provide significant and vital labor
a. their labor gives American citizens affordable houses and food at lower prices.
b. Also helps businesses to compete in global economy
c. Undocumented workers are a cheaper source of labor for American businesses, which lets them offer lower prices and goods to the American customer.
d. “Immigration creates a small negative effect, but over the long term, the American economy is able to adjust” (Marietta, 64).
2. Undocumented immigrants pay more in taxes than they use in government benefits
a. according to the Social Security Administration, it has “over $400 billion” accumulated under counterfeit Social Security numbers
b. much of that money has been made by many undocumented immigrants that are working regular jobs, paying taxes
c. Undocumented immigrant’s contribution to the Social Security fund is extremely important
1. Americans are having fewer children
2. future generations will make smaller contributions to the Social Security fund, which then cuts down the payment of future
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Need for Healthcare
a) Many undocumented immigrants do not receive healthcare because they fear deportation
b) denying healthcare services will most likely lead to increased diseases that could have been treated
c) basic healthcare is a human right
5. Many undocumented immigrants flee to the U.S. for a better life. The U.S. represents safety and freedom, a nation founded on immigrants
6. Rejecting immigrants of any social service does not dissuade undocumented immigrants from entering the country
a) immigrants come to U.S. for better work opportunities
b) undocumented workers will keep on entering the U.S. as long as there are jobs and employers willing to hire
III. Refutatio
A. “Americans are paying for medical services provided to illegal immigrants.” (Porter, 70)
1. Although there are medical services provided to illegal immigrants, most immigrants do not receive the services because they fear deportation
2. It would be more expensive to provide medical services for a serious condition than to provide healthcare for primary