Illegal Immigration Problems

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Illegal immigration continues to be a major problem with as many as 11 million individuals and families currently living illegally in the country. Many immigrants entering the country illegally have a criminal record in the U.S. Illegal immigration is a problem, but also has many solutions. While not every illegal immigrant is a criminal, they have still committed document fraud to be here. People can be compelled to illegally immigrate due to poor living conditions, but because it can negatively impact the economy and people, the government should handle the matter more strictly.
People illegally immigrate due to Push/Pull factors that surround their environment, but sometimes that is not the case. There maybe things like a war, or famine
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The 9/11 hijackers broke our immigration laws and were in America illegally, and ended up breaking down the twin towers. According to U.S.A. Attorney “the two most recent, gruesome killings of innocent Americans, Kathryn Steinle and Marlyn Pharis, are evidence of the burgeoning threat to the country’s citizens. These were two hard working, innocent citizens whose lives were snuffed out by illegal immigrants with criminal records who still roamed the streets of America freely.” If this continues, many innocent lives can be …show more content…
Even though all they are illegal immigrants, they still need the same the things that we need to live. An example of an unintentional way illegal immigrants rob Americans according to U.S.A. Attorney , is the fact “that food stamps and welfare that can be used to benefit Americans are now being used by illegal immigrants.” They families who do this may not know how this is directly affecting the Americans who actually need it. Another unintentional way they harm Americans is by job. If you have someone, an American Citizen who is in desperate need for a job and need to work hard to help their family, and then an illegal comes along, and just takes the job that the citizen could´ve gotten, it could be harder on the citizen´s life. If illegal immigration was prevented, life would probably be easier on