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Illegal Immigration Illegal immigration refers to the migration of people across national borders in a way that violates the law in the country of destination. When potential immigrants believe that the chances of successfully migrating are greater than the risks and rewards, illegal immigration becomes an option. Illegal immigration is most normally upward; migrating from a poor country to a rich country seeking better work and opportunities. The benefits taken into account include not only expected improvements in income and living conditions, but also expectations in relation to potential future residential permits, where illegal immigrants are given a path to citizenship. The cost on the illegal immigrant may include restrictions on living in the destination country, leaving family, friends, and living norms behind. Before looking at the problems of illegal immigration, one must understand why people feel their only option is to illegally migrate to a new country. One major factor in illegal immigration is economics. Bradley Passmore gives interesting statistics as to why illegal immigration is common in crossing the border from Mexico to the United States:
In Mexico 50% of Mexicans are poor. Also 1/5 of Mexicans live in absolute poverty. Mexico also has high unemployment. As 38% of men are unemployed for at least a month, 48% of women have trouble finding a job, and 40% of people without a high school education are jobless for large amounts of time. Illegal immigrants who work in agriculture, construction, and manufacturing can expect an increase as twice as much as they would in the U.S than they would in Mexico. Also many illegal immigrants come to reunite with their families (Passmore).
Another major factor in illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States is the amount of drug related violence in the country of Mexico. Those hard-working citizens who want to work, and raise their family in a safe environment. According to BBC online, “most estimates put the number of people killed in drug-related violence since late 2006 at more than 60,000.” Although there are reasons to support illegal immigration, it is still against the law, and carries many negative consequences. Every problem with illegal immigration creates a burden for those that are trying to live their life the right way. Among those problems is domestic criminal activity, loss of jobs, and a financial laden brought up on the American people. By examining the effects of illegal immigration, one will understand why it is a serious problem.
With illegal immigration, comes illegal drugs. “The Mexican drug cartel controls about eighty percent of the United States meth trade (Wills).” When members of the cartel illegally cross our borders they bring their entrepreneurial spirit, and unfortunately that carries a negative effect for Americans. Having harsh drugs on our streets can not only cause violence, but also ruin lives. With the United States-Mexican being along the western states, these drugs

are felt worse along the west coast. 2011 arrest data showed that large percentages of arrestees in Western states tested positive for meth, with rates much lower in the East. For example, forty-two percent of men arrested in Sacramento tested positive for methamphetamine; in Washington, DC, that number was point four percent (Fausset). Methamphetamine addiction is known to cause insomnia, paranoia, hallucinations and violent behavior. Illegally bringing such a large number of methamphetamine can bring the consequence of deteriorating families and communities. Another study showed the cartels produced nearly two-thirds of marijuana in America (Joffe-Block). Marijuana, known as a gateway drug, promotes the use of harsher drugs, such as methamphetamine. By eliminating illegal immigration, the United States could begin to solve our own war on drugs. Drugs aren’t the only crimes brought into America via illegal immigration; Ninety-five percent