Immigrant Women Discrimination

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Which types of discrimination do immigrant women have to face in the workplace? In 2017 immigrant women discrimination is alive and well; even though, some of the worst employment discrimination against the women were eliminated in the Civil Rights Act in 1964. Many women continue to undergo unfair and unlawful discrimination in the fields of work. Since 1965 with the Immigration Act, a high percent of women had migrated to the United States in order to get unified with their love ones and start a new life. However, the situation of being an immigrant woman has been difficult and requires a lot of bravery. There are three types of discrimination immigrant women have to face: financial, sexual, and physical discrimination in the United States. …show more content…
This type of discrimination can provoke emotional effect on immigrant women as anxiety, depression, and stress. Immigrant women are more likely to get uncertain jobs with low wage; moreover, exposed to unwanted gestures of affection from their bosses. Like most immigrant they do not have a work permit or good level of English, so immigrant women are forced to approve any available job. For example, many immigrant women have complained how their bosses assaulted them not only physically but verbally; however, the vulnerability of immigrant women lead them to tolerate some abuse from their bosses in order to provide to their families. They are scared to speak out because of fear of losing their jobs. Likewise, immigrant women came to the United States for a better life for their kids and it is known that a lot of women suffer sexual harassment and stay quiet because they fear deportation. In the article, “ Immigrant Women, and Violence Statics” by the authors Alina Husain and Leslye E. Orloff mentioned, “Immigrant Women are Among the Most Vulnerable Workers in the U.S and Often Fill the Most Physically and Mentally Challenging” (n.p). In other words, the authors refer how the vulnerability on immigrant women lead them to face physically and mentally abuse from others with the condition of keep their jobs. For example, last year on my workplace, I had a coworker who was in charge of scrap metal in Temecula. Therefore, constantly she traveled with the owner of the company from Orange County to Temecula and took care of her job duties over there. In fact, one day after she went to Temecula as always but she never came back to work. After a couple of days she sent me a message telling me what was the reason she never came back to work. Our boss started giving her gestures of affection and told her that if she would let him have some fun, he would reimburse her the moment. Promptly, she took her car and drove