Immigration: Benefit Immigration Workforces Essay

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In this article, the author-Gordon H. Hanson is trying to point out the good influences that immigrant workers have on America economy between short and long-term. First, he talks about how benefit immigration workforces can contribute their innovation can help to increase the nation’s welfare. In fact, according to National Science Foundation’s survey of Earned Doctorates show that “the share of PhDs awarded to foreign students rose from one fifth to three fourths in mathematics, computer science…” and many other aspects. As a result, the successful-skilled labor likely to earn more and spend more, which means that tax-contribution will be higher.
Second, he tries to weigh out the good and bad influences of low-skilled immigration in a smaller scale, particularly the roles of balancing out workforces though out the country. He states that the low-skilled ones can help to take care of the household jobs so that well-educated portions can focus on their jobs that can help to increase the productivity growth, and they can also use their mobility to ease needs of labors at different regions.
Next, he talks about roles of immigration related with the tax burden which is hard to find a complete solution. The fact is that it doesn’t matter
There are a lot of debates on government spending linked to immigration, but the problem is hard to solve because of many difficult factors, for example: the cost to reduce illegal immigration is very high that can exceed the overall

I totally agree with this author about the immigration is not a burden to the US economy. In fact, it has a lot of positive influences such as: assisting productivity growth in term of studying and inventing many competitive products that has been increasing the national welfare, balancing out the roles between high skill labors and low skill ones and also the work forces around the nations by mobile ability, producing cheaper prize for domestic customer and also creating competitive advantages for exporting products…Beside all good-positive aspects, there is one