Essay about Immigration Polices

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Deferred Action Law, A new opportunity for the Dreamers

The United States immigration policy has experienced different changes. Several of them have contributed to this change, such as political problems, poverty, and lack of jobs. One of the most recent changes in the immigration policy was the Deferred Action. The Deferred Action has helped millions of young adults that were brought to the United States by their parents before the age of fifteen. Although many United States citizens do not approve of these changes, it has been a big help for those kids whom were brought here with no choice The Deferred Action will help young adults under the age of thirty to have an employment authorization card, to legally work in the United States, and also be able to apply for school loans and financial aid assistances. The Deferred Action is a new immigration law, that as of June 15, 2012, certain young people brought to the United States as children are eligible to request it. The new law protects them from deportation, and helps them with an authorization to work legally in the United States. Although, their legal status would only be temporary for two years it can be renew; everything can change if a new president comes to the office. Those eligible to apply for it would be given a two year employment authorization card; which will allow them to work with no concerns. Also they are able to obtain a driver’s license, to obtain car insurance and have a life with fewer things to worry about, such as not having a job, or deportation. The new changes brought a light in the dark path that these children had to experience when they were growing up. Another benefit of the Deferred Action, it is that college would be easier to afford. After graduating from high school, these young adults questioned themselves how they would be able to afford college, if they are not allowed to obtain any loans or state help. The Deferred Action will be a great benefit for those adults attending college, since now they are authorized to work in the United States they would be able to work, but also they can apply for Financial Aid assistances. These new law have given hope to those children that wanted to continue with their studies. Also, the Deferred Action it would benefit the United States economic too. The new law would not only benefit those eligible to apply for it, but also the United States government, Thousands of people applying for it, the government would be making millions of dollars and it would help the bring the economic up. For example, the cost of every