Essay on Immigration Reform

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DBQ Essay
22 November 2013
DBQ Essay Living in a country where all can live in harmony and be citizens almost seems impossible. Until 2007 when an immigration bill was proposed by the Senate to face the crucial problems with immigration. The bill is very detailed, (more than 300 pages in length), but addresses 5 major problems with immigration. The 5 major problems addressed are 1.) Greater border security, 2.) A new system requiring employers to determine the legal status of all job applicants, 3.) Legalize immigrants, 4.) A temporary worker program, and 5.) A new system for family and merit-based visas. These problems can be solved if the government monitors and allows a guest worker program, grants citizenship for illegal immigrants and those who have family and merit based visas, and if every Senator takes into consideration the importance of this bill for the US and immigrants. One of the first steps the government should take to solve this immigrant debacle is create a temporary worker program for immigrants. If the U.S. Department of Homeland Security would create a system that proved all potential employees are legal, the guest worker program would run smoothly. Senator Martinez states “This bill has a great deal of balance in it because it enforces our borders…while ensuring America has the labor force our economy desperately needs.” (Martinez) Senator Martinez made a valid point in his statement. If the immigrants are allowed to work legally without amnesty, it would stimulate our economy because jobs would be created. With this step in the right direction, granting citizenship for those who’ve been in the country for a long time and those who are here because of family would also help solve some of the issues. Admitting citizenship to all illegal immigrants is surely a good thing. In order to do this the right way, border security will have to tighten up by doubling to 28,000 agents and building 370 miles of fencing plus 200 miles of vehicle barriers. After the security is handled, granting citizenship to family/merit-based and illegal immigrants is a must. Senator Edward Kennedy states “Legalization is important to out national security. We have to know who is in the United States… And legalization is important for the families.” (Kennedy) Senator Kennedy’s point is acceptable because we have 4 million foreigners who have ties to families in