Immigration Reform In The US

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Immigration Reform

The immigration reform is the term used to describe the country's immigration policy. In the US the immigration policy is fair where you need a working reason to come to America and can't come here illegally. Over the last two hundred years, the United States country has allowed immigrants in. Immigrants are people who are born in another country and move to another country. Some come to the US illegally and are called illegal immigrants. The issue with immigration is many people say immigrants come to the US and take our jobs while others say that immigrants help the US and are a large percentage of workers the US depends on. In New York , immigrants make up 44 percent of the cities workers.(Hesson Why American Cities)
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A program allowed 2 million children to temporarily live in the US and a survey by the national UnDACAmented Research Project showed that 60% found jobs. Their wages increased by 240% ad when wages go up the tax revenue goes up which cause the demand for social services to go down. (Ferguson Why Pro-Immigration) Also there is no evidence that immigrants will increase spending in health care or public safety. If immigrants are allowed to work legally there is a significant chance there will be able to pay for their own health care rather than relying on emergency …show more content…
Also those who haven’t been paying taxes have to pay it back. Immigrants who have committed crimes should be deported and immigrants who are educated and skilled should be allow to come. This way there will be more workers in the US, less criminal activities, and more income to the US. The economy will grow with less unemployment, more tax revenue and an overall increase in the economy.

In conclusion the immigration reform is country's immigration policy. Many immigrants come to the US illegally, but has its pros and cons. Immigrants help the economy by taking the hard labor jobs and increase the workforce, but some don't pay taxes and commit crimes which harms the economy. Overall I think immigrants in the US should be allowed to stay for citizenship while we stop more immigrants from coming in illegally. This will help the economy by allowing more educational workers and having less criminal. The economy will expand and will let the US grow into a better