Importance of Group Activities in Class and Building Leadership Essay examples

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In this Organising Healthcare subject critical thinking and applying reflection on writing it is important to build leadership. There are so many activities held in class as well in the outside campus like Butterfield campus class. There are Iceland making, Tower building, Dashboard application. Out of all I want to account my reflecting writing on Iceland activity at Butterfield campus. Tutor Krishna mam discussed a lot models for reflecting writing there are Kolb’s(1984) model of reflecting learning, Gibb’s(1988) reflecting cycle, Johns’s (2004) reflecting cycle, Borton’s (1970) reflective framework, Borton’s(1970) reflective framework. Out of this all I prefer to discuss reflecting writing on the base of Gibbe’s model.
Different reflective model and framework they are used for explain their critical thinking and used for in practical view to describe the how we learn the new phenomenon and activities. Ita all based on critical thinking process. How we justify actions, How we solve the problems, How the changes helps us for better understanding, values their beliefs, Revisiting experiences that all help me to become what we are. What the changes and factors that help us to become a leader in this world.
Description about the event
In the class there were so many activities held however I select to discuss about the Iceland making activities which held in Buttterfiled campus. It was about the how to use useless things like colour and shining paper, some small plastic tubes, thread. It was the different class mates whom we never met and there were not from our campus. Our unit leader arrange this class for better understanding the leadership change and how we have to work in different environment if we have to handle the situation with the other group people. How we can build the leadership in our self.
There were our class mates and other classmates who are from other class. Tutor divided us all in three groups and gave all materials in the folder. We were thinking how we can work with the unknown people. After few minutes she describe about herself and informed to give introductory details about our self to everyone so everyone know everyone’s name in class.
After dividing in group we have to work together in the 20 minutes we have to create an Iceland to use that material. We start the work after introduced. We were three girls in the group at starting point it was difficult to work because everyone has their imagination for their Iceland. We gave our idea but its tough to handle and work with different kind of group people. In the starting it was not going well, everyone busy in their type of work I felt its wasting of time. I start to gave a picture that if we work like this way we will save our time and we can create a beautiful Iceland within time. Agree with that idea and give respect to their thinking I gave plan and divided activities to all members. It create a nice Iceland.
I like to be a team leader from very beginning, I gave good idea and lead the plan they follow it gives a good result.
Feelings and Thoughts
When the event started I heard everyone what they want to do with the things what their plan, how they want to create which type of Iceland. I wasn’t agree with the idea of them and dissatisfied because it was not a good picture. Out of two girl I was agree for few points with her but with the other girl totally disagree and that girl from my class, I was confused what should I do, I start to talk with the different class group girl and try to give my idea and convinced her. When she was agree my classmate also become agree I felt i succeed in my plan. I was thought if my classmate will not follow my way we will loose the time and it will be worst impression in class. But I was happy that she become agree and follow my instruction felt good to be a leader in team.