My Educational Career Analysis

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My educational career began not in the classroom but in the surgery section of a veterinary hospital. I had been employed by Dr. Sheffield of Wimberley Veterinary Clinic for over five years and had worked my way up to being head technician. Part of the duties of this position were to provide the training needed by the newer employees. Part of the training was to teach the employees the algebra needed to figure pharmaceutical doses and drip rates for IV fluids. One afternoon, as I was using a whiteboard to teach another employee how to calculate the drip rate for a 15 pound dog, Dr. Sheffield began to watch what we were doing. Once we finished, he commented to me that I had a talent for teaching and questioned whether I had ever considered going into teaching as a career. A few months later, I was enrolled in the …show more content…
I was asked to teach the AP Language and Composition class, and for the last two years that I taught the class, over 70% of the students earned a 3 or higher. I also began to explore using more technology in my classroom. As a part of this exploration, I piloted a Bring Your Own Device program that allowed students to use cell phones, tablets, or laptops to engage in classroom activities. The program went school wide the following year. During this time, I also was appointed by the principal, Steve Williams, to participate in the effort to align CSCOPE with the new CCRS and the STAAR EOC test. I attended meetings and worked with representatives from Region 13 and TEA in this effort. Unfortunately, our attempts met with doom and became relegated to the back waters of school webpages when Texas politicians deemed CSCOPE unfit for Texas classrooms. I also piloted the Learning Management System, Project Share, that was championed by TEA and provided to all Texas schools. This program has since been rebranded as Texas