Importance Of Social Media

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Powerful Strategies To Connect Your Website To Social Media

The key to standing out and rank higher than your competitions is by increasing your web presence. Most businesses take advantage of social media sites since it has truly become one of the useful tools in letting people from across the globe know about a company and its products and services.
A website that is prominently visible on search engines makes it easier for consumers to find the business while browsing the internet, thereby leading to a positive impact towards the business. What makes a website appear to rank higher than the rest depends on its content – the provided information that consumers are seeking.
To make this possible is by optimizing your website. Web optimization
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• Incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• Provide excellent content
• Incorporating Social Media

The Importance of Social Media
Social media has become a part of any online business. At least 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media, according to Social Media Examiner. With the help of social media, it has helped businesses in a number of ways, namely:
• It has helped increased brand awareness.
• It has greatly improved brand loyalty.
• It allows a mere audience to become a customer.
• It can increase conversion rates. Through social media, consumers are able to get closer to the business. Just by merely leaving a comment on a post or sending a private message allows them to have a connection with the business which makes a consumer feel being valued, which then becomes a start of becoming one of the loyal customers, provided that consumers are treated with properly.
• It can increase inbound traffic. Social media accounts of business provide information which includes their website, thereby allowing the audience to be redirected to the website should they need to find more
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Therefore, businesses make use of this tool to be able to connect to more people. It is an effective platform wherein a single customer may be able to become future loyal customers as well. Imagine the power of these social media sites like Facebook. Whatever activity that a consumer does through his Facebook account can be seen by the people connected to him. This means that every time he “likes” or leave a comment on a post, all of his friends can be able to see it on their news fee (unless his friends opt to reduce the visibility of all his activities on the site). Imagine the magnitude of one “like” or comment!

To make optimize your website presence through social media, here are several which can be helpful:
1. Embed video
More than just wanting to look at a still picture, making use of videos can stir more interests among your audience. Videos provide more information which makes the audience understand more about a certain product or service.

What makes it more effective is when you use videos to provide tutorials which the audience may be able to watch anytime they want, no matter how many times they want. Create videos that are share-worthy-something that would instantly make your audience want to share it among their