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Improving Relationships with Coworkers

How many people do you know that have had problems with coworkers or heard their friends have problems? This is a problem many people have throughout their young lives into adulthood and never address it. I wonder why? It just makes so much sense to me at least why you would deal with an issue and not try to resolve it. The point of this paper is to try to inform people that there are ways that you and all your coworkers can get along. I want to be able to help and give tips and some pointers to people who struggle with their relationships with their fellow coworkers.
Making everyone to try and have the best work experience possible. I don’t want people to dread going into work because someone they don’t like is going to be there. I’m going to talk about throughout the paper mainly about conflict and resolution and just basically how to solve the issue as best as I can. This topic can be related to Interpersonal Communication by it being about relationships and how we can build and fix them If we put effort into it and communication skills with shall help both people what the problem is between the two of them.
When finding solutions to a problem with a coworker it’s important to treat your co-workers with respect. Always communicate with everyone equally at your workplace, doesn’t matter if it is a president or a cleaner. Be polite and respectful, regardless of how others treat you. Then you will have the biggest respect from everyone. Have compassion towards that person. Never gossip because it brings bad reputation. People who gossip are never respected. Always speak from your heart. Even though majority of us got used to speaking from our heads, the authentic communication and connection with people around us is possible only when we speak from our hearts.
Discuss any problem you have with a coworker in private. Tell the coworker that you want to discuss something in private. Private conversations allow you to interact with your coworker about an issue that is bothering you without letting the whole department know about your problems. Once team members have identified commonalities, typically a connection or bond is developed. This connectivity can lead to greater empathy, stronger communication, and a furtherance of team rapport. By forming a connection team members are able to freely and openly exchange ideas, free from judgment, and work together toward common team and company goals. Building solid work relationships by developing rapport with co-workers is the cornerstone of teamwork. Seeking commonalities in order to make a connection starts with well-honed communication skills and ends in collaboration.
Communication involves active listening as well as good observation skills. Experts suggest that to develop rapport through communication, people must match another person's body language posture, gestures, breathing and vocal qualities pitch, tempo, rhythm. Collaboration, this is the heart of good team work. Team members that have developed solid rapport are able to collaborate and work effectively within their team. Collaborating as a team means that team members. Take the initiative to improve relationships by trying some of these strategies. If you keep working at your behaviors and responses, you really will see a difference.
Encourage open communication. This is the absolute best way to connect and also to reduce potential conflict at work. Deal with issues when they arise and be open, honest and forthcoming when you communicate with your co-workers. Clarify expectations. Make sure that you communicate with clarity. Don’t make people make assumptions about what you want. Don’t expect something from someone that you haven’t specifically asked for. Model the behaviors that you expect from others. For example, if you want to have people be open with you, then be open with them. If you want people to be nice, then be nice first. Reinforce desired behaviors.