in face of diversity Essay

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In face of diversity
In terms of progress for minorities and women the facts are that in the workplace there is more and more diversity as time goes by due to changing demographics. This process is however not at its full effect yet. In many jobs we still see that white males are the ones dominating. They hold most of the top positions in a workplace, are present in all the positions, and are included in entry-level hiring. Whereas the minorities; such as people of color and women hold few of the top position, are distributed in lower-middle levels and are included in entry-level hiring.
We learn that having a multicultural/ diverse workplace offers both challenges and opportunities to employers. Some of the bias that might occur in the workplace because of this diversity is prejudice, discrimination and the glass ceiling affect. However the expectations and pressures for a workplace involving these ethnicities include equal employment opportunities, equity in the compensation and benefits, freedom from sexual harassment, job security, and occupational health and safety. We learn that even though we may face difficulties in trying to diversify a workplace, it is essential because change makes room for more innovations, creativity and productivity.
The best employers in a workplace today are the one who have contacts, entrepreneurship, have a love of technology, marketing, and leadership skills. They have a passion for renewal, communicate with other employers, they