Analysis Of Macbeth

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In the film of Macbeth, the setting was changed from a Renaissance era to a more modern society, mostly likely in the 1900 during World War 2. This film takes place in an underground bunker, where the ceiling was crumbing, where they were under heavy enemy attack. However, the main difference was how the witches were portrayed. The witches in this movie rendition were depicted as nurses during the war rather than ugly, old hags. The witches make their appearance in nursing outfits, with the masks over most of their faces, with one wearing big plastic framed glasses; where their faces cannot be seen. This contributes to the setting of the story, where the witches are perceived as mysterious, or perhaps threatening. These moods are further expanded where the witches are inside the same building with the soldiers and the captain. When the evil witches are in such close parameters with the soldiers, they invade what should be a safe and secure space and makes the opening unsettling. This was an effective choice in the play, as it helps establish an ominous and dark mood for the rest of the play. It also gives the viewers an idea of and the tone of the movie that is fitting for Macbeth.
When the witches were first seen, it was under the impression that they were actually nurses, where they are associated with health and care and was supposed to give aid to soldiers that were injured and in need of help. However, it was later revealed when the nurses treated the soldier, he writhed in pain and became still. The sound of the heart monitor concluded that fact that he had died. This shows the deceptiveness of the three witches, and how they appear to