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This paper will evaluate the nursing practice of the writer. This paper will also examine whether or not the writers practices are consistent with the assigned readings. Furthermore, this paper will explain how the ethical principles, theories, and values contained in the readings influence the writers professional nursing practice.
Personal Practice Relative to American Nurses Association Scope of Practice
“The American Nurses Association's (ANA) Code for Nurses with Interpretive Statements (Code for Nurses) explicates the goals, values and ethical precepts that direct the profession of nursing. The ANA believes the Code for Nurses is nonnegotiable and that each nurse has an obligation to uphold and adhere to the code of ethics” (American Nurses Association, 1994). ANA helps to set the standards for nurses. They are involved in setting standards for staffing and documentation. The ideal nurse to patient ratio is 2:1. There have been occasions when three patients have been assigned to a single nurse. It is that registered nurses (RN) responsibility to ensure that assignment is safe. In addition, ANA regulates standards relative to delegation from RNs to licensed practical nurses (LPN) and state tested nursing assistants (STNA). "Registered nurse" means an individual who holds a current, valid license issued under this chapter that authorizes the practice of nursing as a registered nurse” (Lawriter, 2010). The Ohio nurse must renew licensure every two years. In order to do so, the nurse must acknowledge he or she has maintained 24 hours of continuing education (CE) every two years. In addition, the nurse is legally and morally responsible for knowing the laws dictating her scope of practice within his or her state. As a nurse in Ohio, the writer completes 24 hours of CEs every two years and maintains those records. In addition, this individual completes one CE relative to the nurse practice act as mandated by the law in Ohio. Nurses are also required to know whether an activity or task falls within their scope of practice and whether they can safely perform the task. Having an STNA reassess a pain score falls outside of his or her scope of practice. In addition, the RN is responsible for evaluating the patient’s needs and communicating them to the medical team.
Provisions 7, 8 and 9 are paramount in developing a professional nursing practice. According to Provision 7, nurses cannot contribute to the health and well-being of their patients without fully developing their practice. Developing an individual practice may include continued education by pursuing or advancing their degree or by taking classes relevant to their field of nursing. According to the ANA (2010), nurses hold a moral obligation to be involved in their community and society through volunteer opportunities or involvement in professional nursing organizations (p. 91). ANA also believes nurses should be actively involved in health policies, organizations and committees to help advance professional standards.
Provision 8 focuses on respect for diversity. The nurse must recognize the needs of various culturally diverse groups. The nurse must also be aware of global health issues.
Provision 9 addresses nursing as a whole instead of on an individual basis. This provision involves participation in organizations to bring about changes in social policies and legislation.
The nurse is ultimately accountable to herself and the patients she cares for. The nurse must constantly seek self-improvement in order to provide the utmost care to her patient. Nurses must develop their knowledge and continue their education in