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World Class Travellers
- The Persuasion Matrix -

In the process of developing a marketing communication program, marketers use different tools to determine the response of consumers to their products. The persuasion matrix is a communications planning model used to analyze and establish the connection between the components of the communication process and the consumers’ response to them. The communication components are the independent variables of the communication process and are controllable by the marketers. Customers’ response to the independent variables are classified as dependent variables and are the stages through which consumers go in the process of being persuaded. The sources, messages and channels have great impact on grabbing attention because these make sure customers understand the advertising and that customers can make sense of it. When the source is appealing, the message is yielding and the channel is targeted, the communication process is a success. Therefore, many companies use outstanding public figures to promote their products, catching or humorous messages and established channels to project the brand name and reputation. Destination is an important variable in the matrix because the promotional plan may be targeted in one direction but can reach other audiences as well. Word of mouth is an example how a promotional message can go beyond the target market to different groups that have access to the utilized channel. In using the persuasion matrix marketers determines what are the best sources, messages and channels that would persuade consumers to buy a product (Belch&Belch, 2011). To demonstrate how the persuasion matrix is utilized to deliver a promotional campaign, I will refer to Breitiling’s “Worldclass Travellers” 2012 print advertisement featuring David Beckham. Table 1: Persuasion matrix for Breitling watches below shows how marketers used the independent variables to influence the customers’ response.

Table 1: Persuasion matrix for Breitling watches

Independent Variables
Dependent variables
Message presentation









(1) The channel where the message is presented is of great importance because it determines the extent to which the campaign is delivered to the target audience. Therefore, it is crucial for the promotional message to be placed in a media vehicle that reaches the target market. The channel utilized in the Breitling campaign is the newspaper “The Times” from the 14th of November 2012. The target market for Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime watch is the high income, middle aged men who have an exquisite taste for luxury watches that become more than a tool for showing time, but jewelry for personal adornment. The placement of the ad in this newspaper is very efficient because the readers of the newspaper are high-income businessmen who are interested in high quality products, such as Breitling watches (Belch&Belch, 2011).
(2) The source for an advertising campaign represents either the company itself or a person who helps transmit the promotional message. The person is involved in the communication process either directly (spokesperson) or indirectly (a model). A spokesperson is someone who is directly involved in delivering the message to the audience and usually is an individual who has credibility, is attractive to the target and has power. David Beckham is the spokesperson for Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime watch. He is “a global icon who insists on perfection. Precision and style. A legend forged by accomplishments” (Breitling ad, 2012). David Beckham was chosen as a spokesperson because currently, he is most likely to maximize the qualities of the brand. He has the traits that the brand identifies with (global icon, perfection, precision, style legend, professional etc), which will give them competitive advantage.