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Induction Assessment- Professional Roles and Responsibilities
Effective communication-
Communication is very important whilst doing child care. As you have to communicate effectively with a variety of people. You should be able to communicate with the colleagues, children and parents. When communicated with colleague you need to look provisional and not all colleagues will always share the same opinion as you so you need to be able to show this in your communication.
Communicating with colleagues can be very difficult especially if you are not confident, you have to make sure that you communicate very clearly for example, ‘ I am happy to organise the children’s milk ready for their break’ rather than ‘if you want me to I could get the children’s milk ready for break.’ The first statement makes you sound more provisional, and also is much clearer and ensures that you know what you are doing. Do not assume that other colleagues will cover you in your absence because this could lead to conflict and you need to be careful of any conflicts because conflict could lead to miscommunication.
There are different areas of communicating with children. Firstly encouraging children to ask questions, offer ideas, make suggestions and not get distracted, to encourage children you need to be relaxed and patient. It might take time for children to ask questions and to get involved with your discuss. You could get a child involved by asking them to help you water the plant’s or to choose a nursery rhyme to say. If a child is distracting your class by fiddling or talking you need to communicate with the child and ask him to get involved for example if you are reading a book you could ask the child to turn the page for you. Another area of communicating with children is the way you listen and respond to them for example if a child is talking to you, you may repeat what they say or ask question about what they are talking about but never change the subject and you need to make sure you make good eye contact at all time. If the children see you listening and keeping good eye contact the children will want to copy what you do so they will want to listen.
Communicated with parent can be difficult. There are two different ways how you communicate with parents, verbally and written communication. When speaking to a parent or a family member you need to make sure you are friendly and polite. You want to make the child parent or family member be able to feel comfortable to talk to you and trust you with their child so you need to set a good example you can do this by; keeping eye contact; asking questions; restate what their child have said to you; show positive facial expressions; show interest; show actively listening by smiling and nodding as appropriate and try to sustain in conversation. You need to make sure that you do not have any favourites and that you treat everybody the same. It is rude to only say something negative if you have got something negative to say about a child make sure you say something positive as well. You must make sure that you NEVER talk to parents about other children or their families.
You may gain confidential information on placement if you do it is important to keep it to yourself this means that you will need to be very careful with what you say to your classmate, family or friends. There are many things that you will find out about the children that you will need to keep confidential for example you may find out about their; family background; particular need; medical history; parents sexuality; illnesses and alleges; if they have suffered any abuse and behaviour. Confidentiality is very important because it could