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Selection refers to a company’s assessment and evaluation procedures in determining which job applicant is most suitable to be hired. Regards to Marks and Spencer, the company four main selection methods.

To begin with, test has been adopted in order to administrate to a large number of people. Marks and Spencer uses online test to determine of a job applicant will be suitable for a job.

Secondly, interview has been taken. Interview means of collecting information from people by asking them questions. Marks and Spencer takes an interview with only one interviewee each time.
The next method of the selection is assessment centre. This involves the use of presentation. Applicants need to demonstrate their own qualities by performing a series of business related management in both group and individual. After that, assessment centre measure the applicants against their own seven selection criteria in order to select the most suitable applicants.
Finally, Marks and Spencer invites the successful applicants to have a one-day workshop at Marks and Spencer, to find out more about their role and make a final check on whether they are willing to join Marks and Spencer or not. After the selection process has been done, training is necessary. Training is a learning process which aims to improve employees’ ability to perform their jobs. Marks and Spencer has been done a lot on it.
First, the duration of the training is different based on the employees’ ability and experiences. Marks and Spencer provides trainee managers with A-levels a 24-months training, gives graduates who join the organization from university a 12-month training and prepares a 3-month training to experienced managers who have retail experience.

Secondly, Marks and Spencer provides inductions. There is a 2-week inductions for all new employees. The induction provides a basic overview of M&S. It includes a one-day corporate induction workshop and an introduction to M&S stores.

Thirdly, there are a number of on-the-job trainings. Practical learning is involved which includes a range of projects to improve technical skills and business competencies. Coaching is also involved which means an employee is trained by an experienced worker or the employee’s supervisor. The supervisor directly reviews on the employee’s performance and give feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.
The fourth, apprenticeship training is involved for M&S. Apprenticeship training is a structured process which means an employee is trained by a combination of classroom training and on-the-job training. Regarding to Marks and Spencer, some last for 90 minutes but some could be a couple of days.
Lastly, M&S provides a number of off-the-job training. M&S has an intranet and staff can learn materials on this which enable them to develop their technical skills and competencies. Also, M&S provided workshops and other more formal activities