Industrial Revolution Dbq Essay

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The Industrial Revolution took place in Britain and spread around the world. It was responsible for the making of new inventions and new manufacturing processes. Production shifted from simple hand tools to complex machinery which caused the production of more food and the population began to increase. Also, with more people there’s going to be more job opportunities for the lower class people and also more consumers. It also created some negatives such as the working conditions for the workers who were very poor and some even died. During the rise of population, the working class lived very poorly because they lived in crowed apartments and there was poor plumbing. These ideas made the Industrial Revolution both a positive and negative development …show more content…
One reason how the Industrial Revolution affected England in positive were the many inventions that scientist created. This was a positive affect because many of these inventions caused a faster way for transportation, like the steam engine, and steel for railroads. These inventions made food production increase, like the cotton Gin. In document 8, it explains the general purpose of the steam engine. The inventor of the steam engine was James Watt, and by the 1800’s more than a thousand of his steam engines were in use in the British Isles. His steam engine was mainly famous in the textile industry, where their application resulted in greater production for manufacturers and cheaper prices for consumers. This document shows how the steam engine made it better for transportation and showed how the production of goods increased. In document 9, it showed how these inventions changed England in a great way. A few examples of these inventions were the Cotton Gin, the Electric light bulb, and some of the types of medicine, like pasteurization and smallpox vaccine. The cotton was a great invention because it made food production increase to feed many of its population. The Model-T was a great invention because it made transportation much easier, and because of the assembly line, it made it more affordable. Also, the types of medicine, like pasteurization and smallpox, was a great invention because it lowered the death rate of the