Inequalities In America

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Inequality in the U.S. has continuously grown, leading many to wonder why they have not adopted socialism or more socialistic policies. Developed nations with more socialistic policies tend to have less inequality when compared to America. America has no formal working class representation and has insubstantial socialistic policies making them exceptional. Throughout America, there has been evidence of movements towards socialism. Some of Americas most prominent inequalities revolve around class conflicts. These inequalities created distinctions between white-collar workers and working men and women (Halle). Throughout history, individuals have formed movements to fight inequalities. For example, the Harlan Coal Miner Strike was started by workers that unionized and conducted strikes to gain better wages and working rights. In some ways, America is socialistic because they have enacted socialistic policies to minimize inequalities such as; unions, public education, welfare, unemployment, etc. Although socialist policies have been enacted, the U.S. divests from them and the expansion of socialism. America was considered the land of opportunity but, today it is filled with poverty, little spending on education, high health costs, etc. This has created a poor quality …show more content…
In addition, their social welfare policies are weak and the government plays a minuscule role in the economy. In some ways, America is not exceptional because there has not been a complete successful socialistic capitalistic country (Lipset and Marks). In other countries, they may be better off than the United States, but their people still face inequalities and missed opportunities. I believe that America is exceptional because they contain some of the greatest inequalities throughout developing nations and have no formal representation for those who are facing