Influence Of Acting In Breaking Bad

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“Best” Essay Rough Draft

There are millions of TV shows that have graced audiences’ televisions over the history of Earth. The best of these shows is Breaking bad because of its amazing acting, exquisite writing, and great characters.

The acting in Breaking Bad is nothing short of superb. The main character, Walter White, is played by Bryan Cranston. He is able to portray emotions that I never knew existed until I saw him on-screen. He is believable in the beginning when he is a normal father, and he is unbelievably scary when he is transformed into Heisenberg in season five. Aaron Paul plays Walter White’s partner, Jesse Pinkman, and he does a great job with making Pinkman seem sympathetic, despite all the awful stuff the character does. He seems like a jerk at first, but he may be one of the most likeable characters in the show. Dean Norris plays Hank, Walter’s brother-in-law, and he starts off as a jerk, but by the end he becomes one of the heroes of the
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Walter White’s monologues are chilling to listen to, partly because of his acting, but also because of what he says. When he tells Declan to say his name during the drug deal, I really felt scared of him in that moment. It helped show how much Walt has changed. It shows what Walt thinks of himself, but also shows that Walt needs other people to know how important he is. His long monologue to Skyler is terrifying, when he tells Skyler how dangerous he really is. It is also revealing of how big Walter’s ego is, where he can not face the fact that he is in danger, he needs to be the most dangerous person. Jesse Pinkman also has great lines. In the season finale, he says to Walt that before he does anything, Walt has to say he doesn’t want it. This shows that Jesse is finally growing up and not just following what Walter wants him to do. This line is one of the most important pieces of dialogue in the show, because it ties together Jesse and Walter’s character