Who Are Immigrants Achieve The American Dream?

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In the course of years that have passed , there seems to be a drastic change in the way people consider being The American Dream. Rather it’s being rich and having a good life or just being able to live in America. Based on researches , America has changed from the 19th century to the 20th century. Citizens and immigrants have different views on how to achieve The American Dream, From wanting to be a billionaire , having a happy life , or even just getting the one thing you always dreamed about. Studies have shown that immigrants struggle more because of racism , education and background. The main reason that immigrants struggle more is because of the racism that goes on in the world. Immigrants have been identified as “aliens” , terrorist , and etc… Which is causing them to lose job …show more content…
As a result , these are the reasons that racism is the largest problem with the immigrants in America and other places in a world. The second biggest problem with immigrants achieving the American Dream is the education. It is a proven fact that immigrants have a hard time being able to receive the same good education as the american born citizens get. Some immigrants are able to achieve that opportunity but it's a very slim percentage. There was once a statement by Malcolm X “I believe in human beings , and that all human beings should be respected as such regardless of their color”. Immigrants nowadays are being classified as terrorists who are damaging the young people and in reality they're not causing any harm. Immigrants being classified as threats are putting the childish in school in deep fear of immigrants which is causing bad things to happen such as accusations, meaningful jokes , etc.. Another horrific quote by Theodore Roosevelt was “Immigrants should learn english in 5 years or leave