Influences: Water and Energy Essay

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The nexus between energy and water is an increasingly important area for focus. There are significant societal and environmental benefits to be derived from improving coordination between the two sectors. Government should take a leadership role in this relationship and lead by example. EPA is proposing principles for government, service providers, and ratepayers to foster valuable collaboration in both the water and energy sectors to work together to meet our water and energy needs nationally and locally. The principles also serve as a reminder that rising water treatment costs or necessary tradeoffs such as stricter water treatment levels can be mitigated by efforts elsewhere such as reducing demand for energy and water.
Efficiency in the use of energy and water should form the foundation of how we develop, distribute, recover, and use energy and water. EPA supports: Encouraging energy and water efficiency by the ratepayer through the use of efficient products, like ENERGY STAR and WaterSense labeled products, supplemented by informed and wise use of resources; Improving system-level energy and water efficiency by water, wastewater, stormwater and energy utilities and encouraging strategic investments in efficiency; Using full cost rate structures while ensuring access to clean and safe water for low income households; Recognizing and reducing the embedded water and energy in manufactured and agricultural products; and Relying on education and outreach, in collaboration with local communities, to be at the forefront of encouraging efficiency.
The exploration, production, transmission and use of energy should have the smallest