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Informed decision-making is an important aspect for working in the government. According to Milakovich and Gordon, provide some examples of how information technology can be used to assist bureaucrats in decision-making?
The depth and quality of knowledge used by policy makers can influence the effectiveness of policies. According to Milakovich and Gordon, competitive political forces constantly push elected representatives to focus on immediate political decisions, rather than on long term professional-administrative values such as efficient use of resources and increased productivity (p.431). During President Bush’ election he used certain failures of the past administration to enhance his win to presidency as the public trust in the
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If decision makers postpone making decisions because there is a need for additional information then this could reduce the risk of making mistakes. Therefore, accurate information is needed to make decisions that are supportable both objectively and politically (p.205).
Decision making involves attempts to bring change to achieve some gain by means of particular course of action that requires expenditure of a certain amount of resources. Social media are tools and technologies that connect individuals by one or more specific types of interdependency; such as common interest, friendship, kinship, financial exchange etc (p.421). Productivity and results measurement concerns continue to grow especially in the area of public awareness of the limited resources available to implement public policies.
Information communication technology (ICT) is defined as various forms of New Media technology connecting internet users with service providers and websites. ICT methods include communication protocols, transmission, techniques, and communications equipment as well as systems for computer storage and information retrieval (p.12). As ICT has advances, it has influenced every aspect of human life. Advances in the fields of telecommunications, information and knowledge management have been catalyst in the structural revolution in given society that has affected almost every avenue of social